My name is
Aurimas Juodka (AJ)

I’m a Human Optimization and High Performance Expert 

What do I do?

In a nutshell, I identify inefficiencies in humans and optimize them by taking an interdisciplinary, Minimal Effective Dose, scientific approach. We address the 4 Pillars of High Performance – Biology, Leadership, Efficiency, Mindset through forming sustainable habits, while doubling down on the areas that are the most pertinent to your situation!

I’m an educator, speaker and coach (certified strength and conditioning specialist, high performance coach, certified nutrition coach, NLP Master Practitioner, former athlete) and I’ve helped hundreds of my clients to excel in life physically and mentally.

My interest in optimization and human performance started when I was rising from the ashes of serious health struggles; borderline insomniac, mental fog, low energy, destroyed gut microbiome, digestion problems, feeble immune system, I decided to stop listening to modern-day traditional doctors and crack the health code myself. After going down a rabbit hole of self-experimentation I transformed myself on every level and my lessons have been featured in GQ, Disrupt Magazine, Influencive, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Lifestyle, and other media outlets.

Upon addressing my health issues, I realized that there’s more to optimize – the complex human mind. I started studying subconscious patterns through NLP, hypnosis, EMDR, and behavioral psychology and built out a Human Optimization Coaching program that is based on a multidisciplinary approach.

I’ve spent the last decade in the trenches slowly unpacking the pillars of high performance, participating in anti-aging medicine, biohacking, alternative medicine, high performance, and wellness conferences.

Through my online programs, retreats, and speaking engagements I continue to help a wide range of private and corporate clients around the world experience unbelievable breakthroughs, shifts, and transformations in their health, vitality, mental and physical performance.

My Story

I was born and raised in a small town of 20,000 in Utena, Lithuania. Growing up I had a pretty rough childhood regarding my health.

I joined the military service and moved to study in the United States in my early adulthood.

I started my optimization journey with wellness when studying at the US Coast Guard Academy to become a civil engineer. Instead of focusing on my engineering coursework, I found myself immersed in fitness books and nutrition research. I discovered the field of anti-aging and biohacking and started reversing the damage done by my poor lifestyle in my childhood through self-experimentation and lifestyle interventions. Soon enough, I started helping my fellow service members. I’ve been helping people reclaim their optimal health and performance ever since.

I launched my international Nutrition Consulting business in 2016 and a brick-and-mortar gym business in 2017. I realized that I wanted to help people on a bigger scale, so I launched an online coaching platform that helped people from around the world.

I am a voracious reader and tireless self-experimenter willing to try anything that is conducive to my mission of optimizing human performance, preventing and reversing modern lifestyle diseases, aging processes, and poor habit patterns.

My ongoing curiosity about the latest psychology, longevity, nutrition, and high-performance research fuels my passion to help people around the world!

My Physical Transformation

You see, I am an entrepreneur first, that’s why I am all about the Minimal Effective Dose and I teach my clients to apply it to everything they do. Physical transformation does NOT require more than 3 hours a week, if it’s done right!

Professional Background

  • Human Optimization Coach
  • Certified High Performance Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Health and Nutrition Consultant
  • Public speaker, educator
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Founder of Human Optimized, Health and Performance Consulting Company
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach.
  • BS in Civil Engineering
  • Former brick and mortar gym owner
  • Life-long learner​