A few guest appearances on podcasts

The Mike Vestil Show

We unpack the most efficient ways to workout, how to gain muscle mass FAST, how to give longer and a bunch of practical tips on optimal lifestyle and sustainable high performance.

Today’s Thought Leader with Ruby Fremon

A conversation that gets real about health, bio-hacking and human optimization. In this episode, you’ll learn why you can’t afford not to take care of yourself, why fitness alone won’t help you optimize your performance, how to get in sync with our circadian rhythm and why that’s important, how to shift into a more optimal lifestyle with ease by using the Minimal Effective Dose, and the 6 pillars of high performance.

Nourish Life with Simon Hall

We cover:
-The art of Biohacking & what it is exactly
– Optimizing the human experience
– Health fundamentals
– Multidimensional approach to human peak performance
– The importance of looking after all aspects of you
– The 6 Foundations for showing up in the world as your best


A very practical and to-the-point episode where we unpack some valuable tips that you can incorporate into your life right away.

The Conscious Creators

We talk about how important a morning routine is and how you can create your own. I open up about joining the military at 18 and how I was ready to go to Afghanistan to serve my country. I talk talks about my dislike for the gym and how I’m a big fan of the minimal effective dose approach.