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Dim, a 6++ figure entrepreneur, was stressed out, eating poorly and not productive at his highly demanding entrepreneurial career.

“If we compare how I was before we started working together and how I am now it’s like day and night. And it’s been done in a way that perfectly fit in with my travels and lifestyle”

Caroline, a military executive, found strategies to optimize her mental and physical performance and show up at her best during the most challenging times.

Mike, a 7-Figure entrepreneur, got clarity on how to level up every aspect of his health and overcame brain fog.

Adrian, an entrepreneur and coach got way more out of the program than he expected.

Daniel, a 7-Figure Entrepreneur, learned the exact inputs to completely optimize his entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Emma, a law professional, gained control over her mind & body and patterns that were not serving her.

“The program is for anyone who’s looking to have a physical and mental transformation”

Inge joined the program to take her health to the next level and uncovered more deep-rooted patterns that she was able to work through.

Branden, an entrepreneur, was able to optimize his life and implement the lessons in real time.

“This changed not only my life, but the life of my business and the life of my loved ones”.

Nishaa benefited from in-person sessions as well as online coaching and enjoyed being challenged.

Danny, a CEO of a manufacturing company was in a lot of pain and he almost gave up on his physical optimization journey just before finding me!

Matt, an entrepreneur, benefited from body and mind optimization and deepened his knowledge in longevity.

First step is always the hardest, take a proven path that actually works.


"Since working with AJ I’ve lost body fat and gained strength, but what really makes me so thrilled with the results is the changes I've experienced in my mental health and mindset! I’ve suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety in the past on and off. Working with AJ has empowered me to resolve those issues and make long lasting changes in my lifestyle. I never knew until going through AJ’s program that healthy lifestyle habits could feel so easy!"


"AJ Provides Top Quality Service.
After our first appointment together, I knew AJ was going to be the exact person I needed to help me achieve my goals. He provided outstanding nutrition advice and healthy lifestyle information that helped change and improve my eating habits, overall health and performance. AJ is a very dedicated and passionate person who strives to help people achieve their goals and full potential. With his guidance and expertise, I was able to drastically improve my health, well-being, and overall quality of life!"

Jesus C.Hollywood Producer

"AJ put me on the right track when everyone was giving me confusing advice. No crazy diets or other nonsense, he held me accountable for staying consistent and his program yielded amazing results. It just shows how consistent steps into the right direction and multi-dimensional approach are more powerful than any extreme lifestyle changes."

JorgeResearch Analyst

AJ is a wealth of knowledge! His expertise in all areas pertaining to health is remarkable. His knowledge goes well beyond nutrition and exercise. By analyzing my blood chemistry, he was able to make recommendations specific to my bodies needs. He did an excellent job of giving me a direct plan to follow and making my health transformation a success.

ParkerCommercial Sales

It’s always hard when it comes to your body and making the conscious decisions to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle; this is where AJ excels. AJ is one of the most genuine people that I’ve met and with his positive, non-judgmental attitude combined with his plethora of clinical research and nutritional knowledge, I’ve learned invaluable information that I can carry with me to be able to live my healthiest life; as well as being able to pass that information to my friends and family. AJ works meticulously with you to figure out your personalized necessities when it comes to your health and wellness. My goals when I started were to have a better diet and workout routine; I ended up with so much more than that because I learned how to live my healthiest life which is more important than just looking good. I’m forever grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with AJ and I encourage everyone to do the same."

NickNetwork Engineer